Laroscorbine injectable vitamin c & collagen


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Laroscorbine injectable vitamin c & collagen

Powerful combo, because we know it’s one of the best things that can happen to any woman that has lost her confidence to stretch marks aged skin and wrinkles.

Each dose contains E-UF PN Vitamin C – 42.0gm

E-UF PN Collagen – 18.0gm  E-UF PN Polynucleotides – 2500mg  There are substances that stimulate the creation of collagen itself.  It helps repair damaged cells and puts the cells back in  good condition

🔹It gives the skin a youthful look.  It enhances collagen formation thereby battling thin skin & aging skin.

🔹It minimizes deep wrinkles and scars it helps maintain cartilage production and joints.

🔹It improves skin elasticity, making it softer and more hydrated.

🔹It clears stretch marks completely and permanently.

🔹For best results use with glutathoine.

A Pack has 10shots in it


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