About The Founder:

Christy Busacca is a renowned skincare and image consultant who from her early years embraced the idea of always putting her best foot forward. She is the MD, M.&C. Investment s.r.l, Italy and specializes in the manufacture & marketing of cosmetics.
She is a skincare consultant from L’Okoye Africa. Christy is also certified in Advanced Image Consulting and Executive Presence from the prestigious London Image Institute, UK.
Christy firmly believes that healthy skin is a reflection overall wellness. This fuels her passion for helping people of color maintain the integrity of their skin.
She achieves this by developing cutting-edge products that are suited to the unique nature of melanin skin. She also teaches people on how to take care of their skin with lifestyle, diet and skin care.
Christy has had almost 2 decades of service experience in project development & management in a vast spectrum of fields from retail, beauty and cosmetology and has received several prestigious awards home/abroad in recognition of these achievements. 
With her extensive expertise, Christy is the main brain behind the Modify brand, a subsidiary of an Italian skincare line targeting people of color. Her brand’s message is that black is beautiful and that there are safer and healthier ways to achieve glowing, clearer skin.

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